Our Partners

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Institutions in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia are waiting for you. We work with over 200 of them, and we are committed to making the road to your dream institution smoother than ever.

Some of our partners are:

There are many colleges to choose from in the United States, but none offers the same advantages as Point Park University. Their welcoming, diverse community ensures that you learn in and out of the classroom.  Take advantage of a world-class education in Pittsburgh, the heart of the United States.

VIU offers over 20 academic programmes and certificates in the most in-demand fields. VIU’s diverse and flexible learning atmosphere can nurture your dream of earning a degree into its ultimate realization. Studying at VIU is affordable, and comes with job and scholarship opportunities.

WVSU is an award-winning institution known for its quality education, cutting-edge faculty, and applied research. It has maintained a long tradition of excellence both in and out of the classroom and, thus, boasts of distinguished alumni. Nestled in the heart of America’s unique Appalachian region, it is a proudly diverse institution that fosters students’ lifelong professional and personal success.