A small collection of Canada FAQs

Every university has its own entrance criterion and will evaluate you on single basis. The university will consider your academic background. There are no countrywide accepted norms for entrance exams.
Universities are meant for taking higher education in specialized fields for a degree and research program and are attended after completing high school or  secondary school. All of the 93 participating universities of AUCC render three or four-year bachelor degree programs; most of them offer one- to two-year master’s degrees and a number of them also offer doctoral or PhD programs. Some of the universities are known as colleges, and few of them are called institutes or university colleges. There are a number of community colleges which are two-year institutions and offer various technical/vocational courses, or courses for getting transferred to a university which earns one a certificate or diploma. Community colleges, in most cases, do not offer degree programs.
One’s need to be proficient in English or French depends on the University you choose. The universities which require one to be proficient in English usually accept the IELTS score of 7.0. Different colleges may also accept a score of 6.0-6.5 considering the program.
Any degree obtained from a Canadian University is universally recognized and is considered equivalent to any American university degree or a university degree in another Commonwealth country. Most of the specialized and Professional programs such as medicine, nursing, and engineering are recognized by authentic and respected agencies. The ongoing and new academic programs are time & again reviewed by provincial, institutional, or regional bodies to guarantee that the quality or standard is maintained. Canadian universities and colleges do not allow the transfer of credits procedure like the one found in the U.S.A. But, precise mapping is done by the relevant provincial charter along with the membership.

Cost of living in Canada: 
The cost of living in Canada is less, compared with that of other developed countries. The prices of some of the typical goods and services are mentioned below (in US dollars):

  • A month lodging and single-bedroom apartment: $400
  • Bus one way fare: $1.50
  • Local charges for telephone call : $0.25
  • Normal meal at a restaurant- lunch: $7; dinner: $14
  • Feature Films: $7
Canadian winters are extremely cold; therefore, one is suggested to have an adequate warm clothing budget. The Budget should be in the $250 – $350 US range for proper winter clothing.  An approximate budget of $12,000 (Cdn $18,840 or 13,000 Euro) is sufficient to cover the expenses for the complete academic year. It is inclusive of your tuition fee and living costs and does not include your air-fare. This is an approximate figure. The expenses usually vary depending on the province of the country you stay in,  the university you are admitted in, and your area of specialization. We will also counsel you in financial planning if the need arises. Take a look at internet casinos
Majority of the universities have in-campus accommodation option for the international students or other accommodation in common residences available for all the students on campus. However, admission into a Canadian institution does not guarantee accommodation in a campus residence.
  • All of the international students are allowed to work part-time on campus.
  • Graduation or research work carried out at facilities (such as hospitals) related to your institution  also makes you eligible to work on campus.
However, international students may obtain a work permit in order to work outside the campus. This is usually possible if your employment is deemed a necessity to meet certain requirement of the course you are studying.

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