A small collection of UK FAQs on GMAT, TOEFL, GRE, IELTS in Abuja, Nigeria

The basic steps of applying are: –

  1. Choosing your required programme
  2. Identifying universities
  3. Take the required test(s), like IELTS or PTE, GMAT or GRE.
  4. Write admission essays and obtain recommendation letters
  5. Fill and send application forms along with required documents
  6. Applying for VISA after obtaining unconditional offer/ CAS letter from the universities.
Total Living Expenses (excluding course fees)
London £7,200 per year
Other city in UK £7,200 per year
Scotland £5,500 per year
North Ireland £5,000 per year
Wales £5,000 per year
Postgraduate (Science) £12,000 – £15,000 per year
How much you should expect to pay for your main needs:
Accommodation or rent: £160 to £350 per month
Heat and light (if not included): £20 to £40 per month
Food (if not included) £110 to £135 per month
Other Average Costs:
Textbooks approximately: £90 approximately
Winter coats for men and women: £252 per year
Childcare: £160 per month
Laundry: £12 per month
Personal hygiene, cosmetics: £9 to £12 per month
Hairdresser: £10 for men, £12 to £20 for women
Restaurant meal:
Yes, it might be possible for one to continue one’s stay in the UK for work experience or practical training after completing studies. In the UK, concerning Training and Work Experience Scheme, employers can apply for permits on behalf of a prospective employee. But, in most cases, it is very difficult to get full work permit and stay back in the UK after one’s studies.
However, the UK government has made it easier for international students to stay back in the UK to work. A meritorious student with recognized a degree enjoys this benefit. His/her employer, on his/her behalf, apply for his/her work permit.
British universities and study institutions rarely offer scholarships for undergraduate students. But, few are available for bright students undergraduate students and for postgraduate students studying specific discipline. One can find information related to various fellowships and scholarships in the scholar grant manual, “Study in Britain: a Guide to Scholarships and Fellowship”