SAT FAQs in Nigeria

  1. What is the SAT Exam for?
  2. SAT is a test for students who intend to take up Undergraduate studies from Colleges and Universities in USA and few select Institutions around the world. SAT helps in showcasing a student’s ability in English Reading, Math and Writing.

  3. Is SAT compulsory to travel to the USA?
  4. Though SAT may not be mandatory for very few schools in the USA, a good SAT score certainly does help to increase the admission prospects. In addition, many universities/colleges in USA also require SAT scores for scholarship considerations.

  5. Who Conducts SAT?
  6. SAT is conducted by College Board, a non for profit organization conducts SAT for benefit of students to aid them in getting through admission process for higher education.

  7. When is SAT conducted in a year?
  8. SAT is conducted 6 times all year round in January, May, June, October, November and December. The test dates are declared gradually by College Board (usually on the first Saturday in these months).

  9. When should I take SAT?
  10. One can take the test at near end of junior year of high school or mid of senior year (ie from SS1 to SS3).

  11. Why should I take SAT Subject test?
  12. SAT subject tests help students in reflecting their erudition in subjects of their choice. It aids in making a student’s academic profile more competent.

  13. Does SAT results Expire?
  14. Yes, your SAT results are no more valid after five years from the date they were issued

  15. Is SAT computer-based
  16. Currently the SAT exam is delivered paper-based, however from 2023 SAT will become computer delivered